Are You In The Market For A One Bedroom Apartment?

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Think back to your first apartment, if you’ve already had one. What type of apartment did you have? I remember I was just about to turn 19 when I moved into my first apartment, and I had been living in a dorm for six months. I actually really liked the dorm, but with a roommate and the beds set up like a hotel, it took a little getting used to. The first thing I did when I moved out to an apartment was to get a two bedroom apartment.

Why did I do that? To my credit, I had a friend who was going to be turning 18 and moving out as well. He planned on rooming with me, which he did, only after I had moved twice. In other words, he never did occupy that second bedroom, and I of course paid for it for the duration of the lease.

Of course, there are basic one bedroom apartments, and then there are luxury one bedroom apartments. A luxury one bedroom might be the same price as a basic two bedroom apartment. You really have to think about the amount of space you need. Either way, you’re going to make a sacrifice in one direction or another if you opt for more space. It’s all in what you want.

Perhaps you’re a first-time renter, and you’re a little overwhelmed as to your options. You can always scale things back even further by getting an efficiency, loft or studio apartment. Remember that when you are renting, the experts suggest that you be able to take care of your rent with at most 30 percent of your income. You’re going to have to think about utility costs, which can certainly vary from apartment to apartment, and you’re going to have to consider any deposit that is required when you sign the lease.

The floor plan of a one bedroom apartment and the space available to you can make all the difference. What are you looking for? Many apartments in harlem ny have the kitchen running right into the living room, but you can find ones that aren’t set up this way. Some of the bathrooms in smaller apartments can be tiny, but there are some with extra space in the bathroom. What are you looking for in a kitchen? And, how about that closet space?

Are you looking for a ground floor apartment, or do you not mind if you’re on a different floor? My condo is on the 12th floor, which has both its advantages and disadvantages. Remember as well what it means when you have people living above you. Even on the 12th floor, I have people living above me, but these condos are vacation properties. In other words, most people are checking out after a few days or a week.

You can use an apartment finder, but you’ll have to pay a fee. While all those options may seem overwhelming, remember the benefit of having all the online resources at your disposal. Find the apartment of your dreams today.